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Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL

Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL

Construction workers routinely put their well-being at risk in order to provide essential installations, repairs and other services on both residential and commercial job sites as well as for their community. At Gilco Scaffolding Co., it’s our belief that the safety of those dedicated workers is of the highest priority. That is why we create our Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL equipment to provide reliable safety, durability, privacy, and ease of installation.

Gilco has a long and successful history of working with Chicagoland area companies with specific challenges to help keep their personnel safe with fencing, debris chutes, and other essential equipment. Whether you are at a highway, a frontage road, an airport, a new office plaza or building a home, your site can benefit from our quality, provide safety products.

Safety is always essential when it comes to any type of construction site. Fences, scaffolding and barricades, for instance, have all been proven to reduce major collisions, prevent motorists from entering active work sites, and also keep pedestrians from unknowingly entering restricted construction zones.

Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL from Gilco can be integrated seamlessly with plastic barricades to offer even more lasting and reliable protection. Typically, plastic barricades are made with high-density, quality plastics to withstand severe weather and vehicle collisions. Also, they have greater visibility due to their noticeably bright colors. Motorists often have a more difficult time spotting standard gray concrete barriers. The installation of a safety fence along with plastic barricades establishes even better visibility and more effectiveness at managing busy pedestrian pathways and traffic flow than barricades on their own.

Our experienced team is happy to work with our clients and provide fencing that will suit the specific needs of their job sites.

Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL

More Privacy, Reliable Safety
Because Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL usually stands 8’ 6” high when installed properly along with plastic barriers, they’ll provide more privacyyou’re your personnel. Mesh coverings can be also added to the fencing to both limit visual distractions and to stop road debris from affecting the construction site. Fencing has crowd controlling capabilities because they steer pedestrians away from the active job site. This is beneficial for additional privacy and for restricting hazards to pedestrians, vehicles, equipment and workers.

Considering their height, it is practically impossible to climb or drive over construction safety fencing. Consequently, the possibility of collisions and accidents is dramatically lower. Also, in situations where it is necessary, fence paneling can be fitted to include other features such as barbed wire to further enhance site security.

A Marketing Opportunity
After fulfilling safety standards at a construction site, every contractor must also think about their budget. Fortunately, there is another secondary benefit to construction fencing: it presents a chance to promote your company. Names and customized logos can be printed onto the scrim paneling or mesh coverings used on construction safety fencing. It makes them an effective strategy for branding and promoting your company as you are also protecting your valuable workers. Safety fencing is seen by many pedestrians and motorists every day, particularly in urban settings.

Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL By Gilco Offers Durability and Easy Installation
Our company’s fence panels are manufactured with square tubing and galvanized steel piping to provide the very best in durability. There are clamps located at the base of the panels that attach to the support posts, which makes installation fast and hassle-free. In addition, dismantling the fence is an easy process that makes it highly transportable and well-suited for repurposing at your other construction sites. When not in use, Construction Fencing Des Plaines IL is also easy to store.