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Landing Platforms Des Plaines IL

Landing Platforms Des Plaines IL

Landing platforms are basically systems used in the construction industry that move vertically to elevate or lower people in a secure way. The platforms are powered with an electric motor. According to the specific need on the job site, there are several options with varying dimensions and load carrying capacities. Because they’re able to transfer loads within its carrying capacities safely, landing platforms can be a time-saving addition to your job site. They are suitable for use in constructions of office buildings, apartments, and many other structures.

Gilco Scaffolding Co. has extensive expertise coming from our experience assisting contractors on a variety of projects. Call our offices today at 847-298-1717 to rent landing platforms or other construction site safety equipment like a sidewalk canopy or debris chutes.  A type of cantilevered decks, Landing Platforms Des Plaines IL are installed on the upper floors of commercial buildings in order to enable cranes to safety deposit materials outside the structure and conveniently place the materials inside when your workers are ready.

Professionally engineered, Gilco’s landing platforms are rated for 2000 to 4000 pounds of load. They include guard rails with side panels or netting for safety. The platforms have a ramp that faces toward the building to allow for moving materials in easily. Generally, Landing Platforms Des Plaines IL are useful pieces of equipment that provide for cost-effective and secure movement of materials. Our fully-retractable landing platforms allow for delivery of bulky, large materials straight from trucks to upper floors without the need to slow down the elevator.

Working like large drawers, Landing Platforms enable for access to any floor of hi-rise construction buildings. With their substantial load capacities, Landing Platforms Des Plaines IL from Gilco can manage heavier, bulkier loads than a construction elevator would be able to.

Some of the key safety and cost benefits of using landing platforms include:

-Handles heavier, larger loads in comparison to construction elevators.
-Eliminates time-consuming tasks like hand-loading materials off delivery trucks onto elevators.
-Helps limit elevator congestion and improves traffic flow throughout the construction site, which boosts productivity.
-Easily adaptable into your workforce, doesn’t require extensive training to operate.
-Improves safety at working area because materials aren’t moving overhead.
-Streamlines waste removal.
-Speeds unloading of delivery trucks, which results in less street congestion.

Landing Platforms Des Plaines IL

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In the construction of hi-rise structures, landing platforms are utilized to remove and deliver materials to and from the various floors being worked on. These landing platforms are generally used in conjunction with a crane equipped with a lift cable. Landing platforms usually consist of a pair two major, horizontal beams. They extend outward from the floor of the building. The inside ends of the beams are secured with props that keep them in thr correct position. A floor extends in between the beams, while at the forward section of the platform there’s a safety railing.

The landing platforms can be used with cranes positioned at remote locations of the site. This is necessary in specific situations where the platforms are aligned vertically and the crane must access to the forward edges. At Gilco Scaffolding Co., our experienced and knowledgeable staff has a thorough understanding when it comes to the requirements of materials handling in today’s competitive construction industry.

Drawing from our many years of experience and listening to feedback from our customers continually enables us to provide landing platforms that are safe, cost- effective and user-friendly. We have a wide selection of retractable and fixed Landing Platforms Des Plaines IL available for your next construction project. All platforms from Gilco are engineer-certified and routinely subject to inspection.