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Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL

Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL

A system specifically made for overhead protection, a sidewalk canopy is a structure set up sidewalks and areas around the exterior of a commercial building when work is ongoing. They serve to protect pedestrians against falling debris. (You may have also heard them referred to as “sidewalk bridges” or “sidewalk sheds.”) Canopies are just one of the services we provide, along with others like scaffolding and construction fencing.

Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL must be installed whenever construction materials are going to be transported over a sidewalk. This is typically regardless of the height of the building or the space between sidewalk and the building. The building owners in some situations might need to put a Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL before starting an inspection, remodeling of the building’s facade, doing new constructing or demolishing an existing structure.

In the Chicagoland area, a permit is usually required before contractors can install a Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL Gilco can help your company with this step to ensure you’re in compliance with your area’s requirements. At Gilco, our innovative staff custom designs sidewalk canopies to suit the dimensions of each building, enabling for optimal pedestrian mobility as well as safety.

There are often a number of steps that must be completed prior to an inspection, construction or renovations. Gilco Scaffolding Co. can assist you through the whole procedure, including permits, scaffolding requirements, managing delivery, set up, disassembly and other specialty services. We’re a leader in Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL services. Our goal is for your daily operations to continue uninterrupted while inspections or construction is ongoing.

Whenever you’re constructing, repairing, demolishing or renovating a structure that is in a public area, you’ll need to take proactive measures to shield pedestrians from falling objects and debris. Sometimes that can mean the temporary elimination of public access by closing off the sidewalk. In other cases, it calls for setting up a sidewalk canopy.

An expert from Gilco Scaffolding Co. can help you determine which type of sidewalk canopy would be the best fit for your job site. Some of the key considerations that go into sidewalk canopy design are:

The decking and its supporting framework have to reliably support the load requirements as defined in the building codes.

Fire Codes
Sidewalk canopies must be installed in accordance with local fire codes. Besides keeping emergency and fire exits clear, an additional consideration is to preserve accessibility to the building’s firehose system connections.

Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL

Scaffolding Loads
If you are using scaffolding over the sidewalk canopy, you’ll have to account for the loads on the scaffolding. The scaffolding is subject to current OSHA regulations and must be inspected and designed by a qualified company. Usually, the deck of the sidewalk canopy cannot directly support the load of the scaffolding legs. Consequently, they should extend through to the stringer beams of the canopy.

Traffic Barriers
A sidewalk canopy alongside a roadway needs protection from the impact of passing motor vehicles—usually in the form of concrete barriers. In case the canopy legs are near the roadway, a lane closure is usually necessary to accommodate the traffic barriers. When the canopy’s legs are a sufficient distance from the curb line, the traffic barriers can be positioned on the sidewalk.

Building Access
Easy and safe access to the building your company is working on is obviously important, especially if you’re doing maintenance. This calls for openings in the sidewalk canopy bracing at any doorways in use. This can affect the design for sufficient support. The openings must comply with the specs of the relevant building code.

When you need the protection of Sidewalk Canopy Des Plaines IL at your next job site, call Gilco Scaffolding Co. at 847-298-1717.